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Winning Blimp specialises in sci-fi themed games that pay homage to the classic 16-bit games of the Nintendo SNES, Sega Genesis (Megadrive) and Commodore Amiga. Based in both Osaka Japan and Florida USA, Winning Blimp is headed by Bear Trickey, a former game designer from Kyoto-based studio Q-Games, and Alex May, a multi-discipline graphic artist and musician.

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Ambi-ON Sounds for Free Download

Posted June 25, 2014. Categorized as Ambi-ONFree Downloads


Our beloved Ambi-ON. We have so much love for this game. It was our first effort together under the title of Winning Blimp, and playing today one can still feel the naive positivity we had in making it. Although it was not the commercial success that we had hoped for, there is a special place in our hearts for the game that taught us so much about game design and development process. Where would we be today without Ambi-ON!

Recently we released a Blimp TV episode all about Ambi-ON, and we’ve decided that in the spirit of celebration of everything Ambi-ON was, is and should have been, we are going to be offering some of Ambi-ON’s sound effects for free download!

All of Ambi-ON’s sound effects were synthesized using a variety of software synths; that means there is no sampling here, everything is created from scratch. This gave the game’s sound a strong, proud retro feel which has continued through all our games.

The samples are provided below as a ZIP file of 18 .wav files, all 24-bit/48kHz. Please use them in anyway you wish; in your videos, in your games, on your mobile, whatever*. The only thing we’d appreciate is a tweet back to us at @winningblimp letting us know where our sounds have ended up.

(Link to 9.2MB ZIP file)

Below is a demo of the sounds:

Long live Ambi-ON!

Bear & Alex
Winning Blimp

* No reselling or redistribution without our permission though, please.

Happy Birthday Mosaique!

Posted May 9, 2014. Categorized as Mosaique

Today marks the one year anniversary of the release of our puzzle game Mosaique.

Happy birthday Mosaique! You were a joy to put together, and it’s been wonderful to see you so thoroughly enjoyed by such a lot of people.

Bear & Alex


Blimp TV Kicks Off

Posted April 6, 2014. Categorized as Development NewsEvents

Last month we were together at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. What better way to celebrate actually being physically together (or in “meatspace” as they say) than repurposing our budget hotel room into a makeshift broadcast studio!

An iPod on top of the TV for video, an iPad between our legs for audio, cheap wine from Walgreens and plenty of topics in our heads to discuss – we give you Blimp TV.

More episodes to come over the course of 2014, so stay tuned!

Stratolith takes Sound Design award at BitSummit

Posted March 10, 2014. Categorized as Development NewsEventsStratolith


BitSummit has just wrapped up, and we’re delighted to announce that Stratolith was awarded the Excellence in Sound Design award!

It’s a huge honour to receive one of the first awards ever to be offered by BitSummit, and for sound design no less! Music is central to our development process, so it’s a fantastic feeling to have this acknowledged.

Announcing STRATOLITH!

Posted February 24, 2014. Categorized as Development NewsEventsStratolith

Hi There Winners,

Our next game is in a robust state of pre-production and ready for its name to be revealed unto the world. People of Earth, meet Stratolith. Stratolith, people of Earth. Stratolith is a real-time electronic warfare simulator that’s centered around hacking and repurposing drones to defend your floating city from Stratopeian superpowers. It will be available for PC and tablet devices in Winter 2014. Alex and I will be showing live gameplay demos at BitSummit and GDC in March, so if you happen to be at either event, get in touch with us and we’ll slap some panel-based power in your hands.

Stratolith is a departure from the safe shallow waters of casual smartphone gameplay, and a James Cameron submarine dive straight into the crushing depths of hardcore gaming. It’s proving to be our most ambitious project yet, with more intricate gameplay and content than our previous titles. Brief yourself with the following trailer and report to the bridge immediately!

We’ve also started a newsletter, so be sure to sign-up to get the latest news on Stratolith development!

Bear & Alex