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Winning Blimp specialises in sci-fi themed games that pay homage to the classic 16-bit games of the Nintendo SNES, Sega Genesis (Megadrive) and Commodore Amiga. Based in both Osaka Japan and Florida USA, Winning Blimp is headed by Bear Trickey, a former game designer from Kyoto-based studio Q-Games, and Alex May, a multi-discipline graphic artist and musician.

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Stratolith: Release Delayed

Posted December 25, 2014. Categorized as Development NewsStratolith

We’re sorry to say that Stratolith is going to be delayed. :(

This year has seen a veritable dirigible of positive developments on and off the Blimp – it started in March when we won the sound design award at BitSummit, and then culminated in both of us having welcomed second babies into our respective families later in the year. This has drained development time away from the Stratolith project, so we regretfully announce that Stratolith is not going to be out by winter 2014 as we had first hoped.

However, we can report that Stratolith has never looked or played better. It’s getting there slowly, but surely. We have new features, refined gameplay mechanics, improved interfaces, a reworked backstory, and new art from Rickard Westman of the incredible Swedish game company Vision Trick (check out their upcoming PS4 title Pavilion).

So we hope to have Stratolith into your hands by early to mid 2015, all being well! To tide you over until release, we’ve put together a rapid walkthrough of Stratolith’s core gameplay elements. Enjoy!

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Thanks for your patience!

Bear & Alex
Winning Blimp