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  • Stratolith
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  • Mosaique
  • [Puzzle]
  • [iPhone/Android]
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  • Ambi-ON
  • [Arcade/Action]
  • [iPhone/Android]
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About Us

Winning Blimp specialises in sci-fi themed games that pay homage to the classic 16-bit games of the Nintendo SNES, Sega Genesis (Megadrive) and Commodore Amiga. Based in both Osaka Japan and Florida USA, Winning Blimp is headed by Bear Trickey, a former game designer from Kyoto-based studio Q-Games, and Alex May, a multi-discipline graphic artist and musician.

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When we take time off from making games…

Posted April 7, 2015. Categorized as Development NewsDevelopment Process

We still make games! Some are proofs-of-concept born from brooding socratic meditations on human existence. Some are the outcomes of happy-go-lucky game jams. Some are browser-based mini-games Bear hacks together after ingesting way too much maple syrup. I think it’s safe to say that AwesomeStrap CloudQuest and Amerigo Vespucci’s Pro Sailor fall into this last category. Give one of them a play next time you find yourself wanting an action-packed tour de force that rivals game canon like Solitaire, Mine Sweeper, and Ski Free.