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About Us

Winning Blimp specialises in sci-fi themed games that pay homage to the classic 16-bit games of the Nintendo SNES, Sega Genesis (Megadrive) and Commodore Amiga. Based in both Osaka Japan and Florida USA, Winning Blimp is headed by Bear Trickey, a former game designer from Kyoto-based studio Q-Games, and Alex May, a multi-discipline graphic artist and musician.

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Our Game Soundtracks Now Available for Purchase!

Posted November 8, 2013. Categorized as Ambi-ONMosaiqueMusic

We’re delighted to announce that professionally mastered versions of the music to our games are now available for purchase and download!

Check here to listen and purchase!

We take a great deal of pride in the music for our games – the music tracks represent the artistic spine, around which we develop the entire game concept, art and experience. Therefore to us, our music tracks are like our precious babies; we spend many months making them, polishing them and then drawing ideas out of them.

So it’s with great pleasure that we now have them available for download! The tracks have been superbly mastered in the UK by Chris McCormack, who has previously worked with the likes of Gary Numan, Fatboy Slim, and many many others.

Please consider a purchase to support our game development operation!

Bandcamp allows you to set your own price, but the minimum we’re asking for is $1 for the Ambi-ON tracks and $2 for Mosaique. Bandcamp also allows you to download high quality files too for the full experience. If iTunes is your thing, you can also grab the tracks via the links below, but they will be lower quality.

Mosaique on iTunes
Ambi-ON Theme Track on iTunes
Ambi-ON In-Game Track on iTunes

Our Music-First Approach to Game Design

Posted August 28, 2013. Categorized as Development ProcessEventsMedia HighlightsMosaique

At the start of August we were invited to San Francisco to the Casual Connect event, to deliver a presentation about our music-first approach to game design, and how this applied to our game Mosaique.

Casual Connect has recently posted footage of the presentation. It targets game designers, but even if you aren’t a game designer and just like music and games, you may find our approach interesting! Give it a watch!


Mosaique takes Indieprize Director’s Choice Award

Posted August 17, 2013. Categorized as EventsMedia HighlightsMosaique

Fantastic news!

At the recent Casual Connect event in San Francisco, Bear and I received the honour of winning the Director’s Choice Award for excellence in game design, as well as two nominations for Best Mobile Game and Best Puzzle Game.

Having our game appear in Apple’s WWDC Keynote presentation was a thrill, but actually being at this event and seeing all the other excellent independent game titles, and then having our game chosen from among them was a real privilege.


Mosaique 1.4 is out

Posted August 7, 2013. Categorized as Development NewsMosaique

Just a quick follow-up from the previous post about the critical bug in version 1.4 of Mosaique for iOS.

The update is now live on Apple’s App Store, and ready for download. Please upgrade!

Critical bug in Mosaique 1.3 – fix coming!

Posted July 26, 2013. Categorized as Development NewsMosaique

ATTENTION all Mosaiquers out there! An important announcement for you!

A new version of Mosaique is live on the Apple iOS App Store right now.


This version contains a critical bug which causes Mosaique to stop rewarding the 2000 point bonus for consecutive runs of games. We have submitted an emergency patch to Apple for review, and it should be available for download in the next few days.

Your consecutive runs are still intact and will remain so while the fix is being reviewed, but you will just not be getting the extra 2000 points. Once the fix is available, you will start receiving the 2000 points again as usual.

Our sincerest apologies for this oversight! We appreciate the love that people show towards the game and the dedication to play it each day, and as players ourselves we know how frustrating it will be to lose the 2000 points. A fix is on the way as fast as the system will allow for it, so we hope you’ll still feel inclined to play Mosaique!

Bear & Alex