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Winning Blimp specialises in sci-fi themed games that pay homage to the classic 16-bit games of the Nintendo SNES, Sega Genesis (Megadrive) and Commodore Amiga. Based in both Osaka Japan and Florida USA, Winning Blimp is headed by Bear Trickey, a former game designer from Kyoto-based studio Q-Games, and Alex May, a multi-discipline graphic artist and musician.

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Paradroid 90

Posted March 24, 2013. Categorized as 16-bit Classics

Paradroid 90 for the Amiga. Easily one of the best 16-bit remakes ever of a Commodore 64 sci-fi game classic.

The premise is simple. You are a brain unit droid that has been tasked with purging space freighters of droid infiltrations. Your droid is weak and vulnerable compared to the other various droids on each ship, but has the key advantage of being able to usurp the bodies of the other droids. So in order for you to survive and complete your objective, it’s necessary to constantly be usurping more powerful droids as you move around the ship levels.

Each droid model has distinctive specifications for speed, firepower and hit points, and one of the key improvements over the Commodore 64 version was that each droid looks totally different. In the original version you only saw model numbers, but on the Amiga the difference in appearance really enhanced that sense of diversity.

The best aspect of Paradroid, both original and remake, was the actual usurping process. It was structured like a mini-game, where the objective was to use power nodes to claim more colours of a node tree from your adversary, while they’re trying to do the same thing at the same time. It actually requires a fair bit of strategic skill. Being that the game is essentially an action game, this change of pace to a mental challenge also added to the diversity of the game experience.